For more than four decades, Dr. Pat Goldsworthy has been a pillar of the Blue Springs community, working his chiropractic magic on patients ranging from professional athletes and prep standouts to people who needed help getting on the path to recovery following a lifetime of pain.

His son, Dr. Aston Goldsworthy, owns five degrees and a world of new ideas when it comes to the ever-changing arena of Integrative medicine.

He and his father specifically target a patient’s wellness needs using the least invasive, yet most effective, techniques and services.

“This is my baby, it’s the realization of dream I started over 15 years ago when I first went off to college, and sharing it with my father who mentored me throughout my career makes it even more special to me,” Aston said, as he sat in the lobby area of the new 4,000-square-foot Core Medical Center practice in the middle of downtown Blue Springs at 1131 W. Main St. The phone is 816-229-1941.

While Aston talks about his visionary practice, his father looks on with approval.

“I opened this business in May of 1975 – that seems like such a long time ago – and now, with the expansion of our office and the addition of Aston’s Family Nurse Practitioner degree, we can offer our patients chiropractic, Physician Supervised Physiotherapy, medical and non-invasive procedures all at one place,” Pat said

“They don’t have to go all over town and deal with a variety of doctors and therapists.”

It’s a form of one-stop wellness that makes the Core Medical Center unique.

“I certainly don’t know of any other office that offers all the services in one location that we do,” Aston said. “My dad has built up such a following over the years that we already had a strong base. Now, with all the new things we are offering, we expect the office to grow.”

The growth has been so dramatic that the father and son duo have grown their staff from three to 10 members in the past four months and are adding another chiropractor as well as another nurse practitioner. So, as Pat jokes, “I get at least one day off. Aston won’t ever let me go home!”

The business saw 70 patients on Monday and 56 Wednesday of this week.

The new practice offers chiropractic, posture treatment, joint injections, manual therapy, physician supervised physiotherapy, viscosupplementation (a therapy uses a specialized and natural joint replacement fluid called hyaluronan, a substance that occurs naturally in the soft connective tissues and promotes healing and stability), physical medicine, Botox for Chronic Migraines, amniotic stem cell therapy, custom bracing, Neuro-Stim systems implants, physician supervised medical weight loss, lab testing, drug screenings and physicals.

“We get to know our patients and tailor a program to specifically target their wellness needs using the least invasive, yet most effective, techniques and services,” Pat said. “When you come here, you’re not just a patient, you are part of our family.”

Pat began his academic career at the University of Missouri Kansas City where he completed his prerequisites to attend Cleveland Chiropractic College. He graduated from there with a Doctorate in Chiropractic in 1974. His post-graduate studies earned him a Diplomate in Orthopedics in 1997.

He treated several players of the Kansas City Royals in the late 1970s and early 1980s and most recently served as the team chiropractor for the Kansas City Comets from 2010-14 alongside Aston.

Aston, D.C., MSN, FNP-BC, earned undergraduate degrees in biology and psychology from Drury University in 2004. He then graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College with a Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2009.

He completed his training as a registered nurse, graduating from Wayland Baptist University with a Bachelors Degree in the Science of Nursing in 2014. He then graduated from Middle Tennessee State University earning a Master’s in the Science of Nursing and earning a certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Aston is board certified in Missouri as both a chiropractor and family nurse practitioner and also licensed in Kansas as a family nurse practitioner.

“The kid’s pretty smart,” joked Pat, making sure Aston heard the comment. “When he came on board, we were able to expand my chiropractic office into this – and I’m so proud of what we are offering our patients.”

Aston nods in approval.

“We are offering a comprehensive approach where we merge all aspects of treatment under one roof,” Aston said. “Our patients start treatment here and end their treatment here, and if we can’t get them the results they want and need, we find someone who can help them beyond what we offer.”

This time, a proud dad nods in agreement.

“Do you know what it feels like to get a patient in here who has suffered with chronic pain most of their life, and see them walk out pain free?” Pat asked. “There’s no better feeling – and we’re fortunate enough to see it every day.”