Jackson County legislators say they frequently get complaints about parking at Kansas City Chiefs games, and one legislator has added a twist to those concerns.

Legislator Tony Miller said the Chiefs make using Uber – a $13 ride from the stadium to his house in Lee’s Summit – excessively difficult. Uber drivers can’t get into the Truman Sports Complex because the Chiefs have an exclusive agreement with a company called zTrip, which provides a taxi or limo to drop off fans at Gate 1 at rate, as posted on its website, of $25.

“I have strongly voiced my concerns about that issue,” Jim Rowland, executive director of the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority told legislators during budget discussions on Tuesday.

He added, “That’s a specific policy that I fundamentally disagree with.”

Miller said at a recent game he and his wife had to climb up the sharp hill on the east edge of the Sports Complex and meet an Uber driver at the Taco Bell on the other side of Blue Ridge Cut-Off. He said they got it done, “but I had to go up a hill and climb a fence,” and he said the whole situation doesn’t make much sense.

Rowland suggested that legislators contact the Chiefs with their concerns. He pointed out that on game day, the stadium complex is turned over to the team, the Royals or the Chiefs. He said the county is not privy to how much the Chiefs make on parking or their agreement with zTrip.

He did acknowledge concerns about some parking being a long walk from Arrowhead Stadium, but also pointed out that the many big tents put up for pre-game events cut into parking near the stadium.

“We’ve attempted to assist the Chiefs with their issues, their parking issues,” Rowland said.