A group that meets weekly at the Palmer Center in Independence has made its annual gift to community – 214 crocheted hats for the Salvation Army.

The Tagilima group meets on Thursdays, making hats, sweaters and beaded necklaces.

“We do some sewing, too,” said Victoria Taula.

It’s also a time for camaraderie.

“We have fun,” Taula said. “We joke around – singing.”

The group started around 1980, and several years ago moved to the Palmer Center. Members carrying on that tradition today are Miriama Aupiu, Victoria Taula, Gloria Ellis, Lesa Palelei, Sinuanua Taulili, Tuitoga Vaoifi and Lena Wily.

The center provides yarn for the group, and this year the group used all that was given to make hats.

This year’s products went to the Salvation Army, though in past years some also have gone to the group’s members’ church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“We do that, too, in our church. We donate,” Taula said.