When we reminded them we had, at one time in their lives changed their diapers they seemed amused. When we asked if one day they would change our diapers they looked horrified.

While keeping the oldest grandkids this past weekend the conversations ran a little deeper since they seem to know just enough to make it awkward. Sometimes I think they pump us for the information their parents won’t shell out.

Topics seemed to migrate towards birth and death, both topics which weren’t on the top of our list of things to talk about. Part of the discussion about birth was my fault after deciding to have a cousin Facetime conversation with one of the four-year-old grandsons and he announced, “my dad got a shot in his balls,” and I had to explain what a vasectomy was to the first and fourth grader.

I didn’t help the situation after telling our 10-year-old granddaughter the next baby to be born into the family would more than likely be hers and it would be my first great grandchild. With our seventh and last grandchild arriving in October, I guess I had given it some thought and it just slipped out. This realization gave her some pause and much thought, although it did also give her a case of the giggles.

We had them on school nights so it was a bit intimidating instead of gathering up their books for the morning trip to the bus stop it was making sure their laptops were charged and ready to go. Chromebooks is what they’re actually called and although I’m sure it saves a lot of trees, I miss the paper shuffle and it makes the backpacks really heavy. This should be good news for the chiropractors.

The list from the parents of where to go and what to do while they were away for five days was impressive and a tad bit intimidating. Two pages, single spaced. Soccer games and practice. Baseball practice. Dance practice. What to wear, where to be, what to do. We got tired just reading it.

I hadn’t given much thought to how much I had forgotten since I was in school until she started asking me questions. Was I alive during World War II? How long did the war last? I stammered around and finally had to tell her I had no idea the years of which World War II was fought and then shocked her just as much when I told her we were at war right now. We both agreed there was a lot we didn’t know about our country.

She did however teach me how to make slime and color in one of those adult coloring books that seem to be popping up everywhere claiming to be therapeutic. Good news… it is. I ended up doing two of these intensely designed pages out of her book and enjoyed every minute of it. The slime was enjoyable too but probably because we made it at their house and not mine.

We love our playdates with the grandkids, and, after a weeks’ rest, we’ll be ready to go again.


-- Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at sandydownhome@hotmail.com