Jesse Thompson likes to draw. He likes dinosaurs.

That turns out to be handy.

When the Kiwanis Club of Independence and local libraries in Independence held a contest called “Read Around the World – Redesign Your Book Cover,” Jesse was ready.

“I was in class, and my teacher brought it up, and I thought it was something I wanted to do,” said Jesse, 12, a sixth grader at Nowlin Middle School and Independence Academy.

The result was Jesse’s take on what the cover of “The Marshall Children’s Dinosaur Encyclopedia” might have looked like. That was good enough for third place in the age 12-to-14 division.

“I like reading books about dinosaurs. I like a few fiction books,” said Jesse, who said art is his favorite class and whose mom said he makes straight A’s.

His work and that of the other eight winners will be on display April 22 at the North Independence branch of the Mid-Continent Public Library, 317 West U.S. 24. It’s an all-day event and starts at 9.

The contest was open to Independence School District students and drew 40 entries.

The winners:

• Ages 9 to 11 – Lola Moise, Bryant Elementary, first place, “Prisoner B-3087;” Jalayla Minks, second place, Bryant Elementary, “The Sword of Summer;” and Tessa Smith, Bryant Elementary, third place, “The Throne of Fire.”

• Ages 12 to 14 – Cora Benson, Pioneer Ridge Middle School, first place, “Babysitters’ Club: Maryann Saves the Day;” Jailey Hall, Nowlin Middle School, second place, “Harley Quinn: Vol. 1;” and Jesse Thompson, third.

• Ages 15 to 19 – Emily Youmans, William Chrisman High School, first place, “I Hunt Killers;” Lindsey Fairall, William Chrisman, second place, “Coraline;” and Lizbeth Gonzalez, Van Horn High School, third, “The Great Gatsby.”