Class size: 339 graduates

Valedictorian: Jordyn Krause

Salutatorian: Kaitlin Evans



• Daphne Posadas: Posadas told of how, as a young girl, she initially battled with her father about not embracing her Hispanic heritage. During the last school year, she said, some students' senioritis might have kept them from taking the time to discover their freedom – the freedom to find out who they want to be.

“Finding our identity is one of the most important things we can do in our lifetime,” Posadas said. “Some of us will be surprised at what we find, but fear will be our worst enemy. We should use it to motivate ourselves. Our high school experience at Fort Osage will serve as our starting point as we discover our identity.”

• Elias Vaoifi: “Carry the battle to them. Don't let them bring it to you,” Vaoifi said in opening, quoting President Truman. Vaoifi said he admired presidents such as Washington, Lincoln, the Roosevelts and Truman who had to make incredibly difficult decisions.

“This year we were deciding whether to finish strong in our senior year … or let senioritis set in and coast to the finish,” he said. “The hardest decision is simply to do.”

Among those decisions, he said, would be to stop a bully or sit back and do nothing.

“Honest decision-making is important to becoming a well-rounded adult,” he said. “As we enter adulthood, we have to start fresh and make a decision. 'How will I carry the battle?'

“Success in anything starts with the simple decision – to do. And always, do.”