An inmate at the Jackson County Jail has been charged by county prosecutors with endangering a corrections officer after allegedly throwing urine infected with Hepatitis C on an officer.

According to court documents, 39-year-old Leo Dowthard of Kansas City threw a cup of liquid, determined by odor to be urine, on a corrections officer who walked past Dowthard's cell door while on duty Jan. 16. The officer told the investigating sheriff's deputy Dowthard has assaulted at least five other corrections officers by throwing urine and feces at them, and he that he believed the inmate was positive for Hepatitis C. A second corrections officer who followed behind the first officer that day said he also had urine thrown on him by Dowthard.

A medical records check showed the inmate has been diagnosed with the Hepatitis C virus.

Online court records show Dowthard has several felony convictions dating back nearly two decades.