There’s one topic some of us should be avoiding right now – the president and/or politics. There’s only two options if it comes up between friends and family, either­ act like you didn't hear what they said or jump in headfirst.

I actually do want to hear everyone's opinions, but I also try to live by the motto of ­stand up for what you believe in or you'll fall for anything. For the most part, whatever I believe in, I will wholeheartedly back it 100 percent and it's going to take a lot to change my mind.

I asked my daughters to pretend they believed in everything I did until they were 18 and then I’d turn it over to them. I told them I’d support whichever direction they took in life just so long as their actions backed their beliefs. In other words, don’t tell me you believe in our country and then let me catch you burning the flag.

The oldest daughter never asked for directions and jumped into adulthood carrying my beliefs with her with no questions asked. As the typical family story goes, the second daughter would purposely choose everything the opposite of what I thought to be acceptable. It took them having children of their own, but we do all seem to be on the same page now for the most part. I do feel for families who can’t seem to agree to disagree and let politics or religion come between them.

If we could stop and take a step back from being so wrapped up in what we each believe to be right and true in this world of politics and look at it through the eyes and ears of a non-biased young adult, ­it's just a tad bit scary. What kind of impression are we making for those who haven’t decided what path they want to choose in life, much less which political party they should join. We, the people, look like a bunch of spoiled brats wanting our way or no way.

Listening to the media attack people's character instead of stating their motives makes it difficult to convince anyone of what’s true or false. There's certainly no shortage of things to read, watch or listen in order to form an opinion. I’m worried our grandchildren won’t be able to find the truth and this time in history will be known for lacking stability and certainty.

Let’s just hope we don’t lose sight of the fact we have the freedom to discuss politics and start taking that for granted as well. There’s not many things which are required from us in this life, but I believe being nice to each other should be mandatory.

"There's only two things you have to do,” Dad told me one day when I was complaining,­ “die and pay taxes," he then added, “and neither one is much fun."


-- Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at