If I appear to be all over the place like, shall we say, an air bubble in a bath, it’s because I feel I am indeed all over the place like an air bubble in a bath.

So many things are flying through this moth-eaten brain of mine that I really can’t, out of respect to you dear reader, deny you this quite fascinating trip. I will do my best to segue to each segment smoothly and seamlessly to create the glue that will hold this all together.

Here we have Hurricane Irma – Irmagedden if you will – spreading her destruction without conscience through islands in the Caribbean and all the way up through Florida and into Georgia, while Houston is still trying to mop up Harvey’s aftermath. But out every black cloud there beams a wee sliver of silver, and we found just that with a dear friend who lives smack in the middle of Florida.

She’s a lovely lady, absolutely gorgeous, and with a squidgen of Goldie Hawn ditziness thrown in. “We hope you’re leaving,” Sir and I uttered last Friday. “Oh yes,” she replied with all seriousness. “Oh good, where are you going?” “Next door,” came the answer, leaving us sputtering with laughter and head shaking amazement. I’m happy to report that she is indeed safe and sound, and is counted among the lucky 20 percent in the district who did not lose power. (…and neatly segueing into….)

On the topic of looting in the aftermath of the hurricane, an author – one of whom I thankfully have not heard – tweeted this week that ‘the carceral state exists to protect private property and is inseparable from white supremacy.” (Don’t feel bad – I had to look it up myself: carceral: of, relating to or suggesting jail or prison.)

I’m reading a book at the moment – thankfully by a well-known author – who puts this hideous Age of P.C. into sharp focus – what it’s doing is creating a society of victims. Think about it.

How is the protection of private property – owned by people of all races, colors, creeds, religions, sex, transgender and tree-hugging tendencies – not a good thing? And if one – of any race, color, creed etc. – steals said property, should one not be justifiably punished? Evidently not, if the stealer happens to be of a certain color – according to this Wunderchump. It so beggars belief that I think I will just have to go (…really good segue coming up) and devour something horribly bad for me.

I heard during an ad break on the news this morning that a well-known eatery has come up with a French Toast Donut. Imagine a fried doughnut, tossed in egg and milk and then further fried, and topped off with artery-slamming bacon and maple syrup. Not a bacon lover? No worries, you can top off your fried medical hand grenade with erstwhile fruit floating in syrup and topped with lashings of whipped cream. Talk about disasters - I think I will, however, pass.

I’d hate to have to add diabetes to this diatribe.


-- Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at anniedearkc@hotmail.com