An Independence School District bus driver had to evacuate students from a bus Wednesday morning after a cell phone caught fire.

It is not known how many students were on the full-size school bus Benton Elementary, but all got off the bus safely without any injuries after the incident, which happened shortly before 8 a.m. One student reportedly suffered a minor burn from trying to pick up the phone and throw it off the bus, but spokesperson Jana Corrie said the school district could not verify that. No one was taken to a hospital for any injury.

The bus was a couple blocks away from Benton Elementary, in the area of East Pacific Avenue and Hunter Street. A student reportedly had found the broken and discarded phone the day before, and after that student dropped the phone on the bus floor it started to smoke. The student then alerted the bus driver, who quickly pulled over and evacuated the students.

All students soon got on another bus and arrived at school in normal time.