The line at the drive-thru window at the new Scooter’s Coffee Drive-Thru, on Missouri 7 in Blue Springs, snaked its way through the parking lot as patrons ordered a cup of coffee and helped the Jake Cavanaugh Foundation one latte’ and cinnamon roll at a time.

“It’s been unbelievable,” said Dawn Butler, a longtime friend of the Cavanaugh family and Melanie Graeve and Mackenzie Sykes, the co-owners of the Scooter’s who are donating 100 percent of all of last Friday's sales to the Jake Cavanaugh Foundation, “I’ve been here since about 7:45 holding my sign and we have had a steady stream of cars drive through and they all know about Jake’s foundation.”


This is the third year Graeve and Scooter’s have donated all sales to a local Blue Springs charity. The past two years, they donated more than $11,000 to the Won by One mission trip to Harmons, Jamaica where senior football players from Blue Springs and Blue Springs South high schools make an annual trek to help villagers by building homes.

"We collected a total of $3,640.02 in sales for the day, plus a couple hundred more in cash donations," Sykes said about the amount added this year to that tally.

“I’ve heard of businesses making donations,” Butler added, “but never 100 percent of their sales. That’s why I’m here helping.”

Joining Butler, Graeve, Sykes and other volunteers were Allie Cavanaugh, whose brother Jake passed away from cancer Dec. 23, 2010, and her mother Jane.

“This is an amazing day,” said Allie, sporting an ear-to-ear smile as she visited with patrons and collected additional donations from individuals who made a special trip to help her family’s foundation. “We’ve known Mackenzie and her mom forever since Mackenzie and I both went to Blue Springs High School.

“Who gives 100 percent of their proceeds to a charity? I can’t think of any business that makes a contribution like that. The money will be used to help a local family that has a family member dealing with cancer and it helps all of us remember Jake.”

While Allie, Jane, Graeve and Sykes are talking about A Day of Giving, Dr. Curt Cavanaugh, Jakes’ father, arrives at Scooter’s. Soon, Kansas City Royals prospect and Blue Springs South grad Logan Moon, his wife Maddie and his mom, Lori, all arrive.

“This is like a homecoming,” said Logan, who was friends with Jake and is still a friend to the Cavanaugh family. “Dr. Cavanaugh and Jane have done so many things for so many people and now, Mackenzie and her mom are helping them.”

Added Lori, a longtime philanthropist and business woman in Blue Springs who owns Freedom Fitness, “Blue Springs is just a special community. Look at all the people who are coming here, buying coffee, making donations and making a difference. It just makes you feel proud to know people like the Cavanaughs and Mackenzie and Melanie and to call Blue Springs home.”

Somehow, amid the chaos one of the busiest days of the year for Scooter’s, Melanie and Mackenzie take a moment to talk about A Day of Giving.

“This is one the great reasons to own a local business, to help others,” Graeve said. “We’ve done it the past two years and I’m so proud to share this location with my daughter Mackenzie, who was so excited to take part in this year’s A Day of Giving.”

Mackenzie, a former standout softball player at Blue Springs High School and a star at the University of Missouri, lavishes praise on her mother, who actually originated the countrywide Scooter’s Day of Giving.

“Mom and I are business partners at this location and I helped at her location on South Seven Highway,” Sykes said. “When she started A Day of Giving, it made such an impact that Scooter’s corporate launched an initiative and it became a nationwide program.

“I’m so proud of my mom, and happy to be a partner with her at this location. Today has been amazing. It’s like we know everyone who is coming through, and it’s great to have so many friends drop by to help the Cavanaugh Foundation.”

As if on cue, Kamber Yardley pulls up to the drive-thru and places an order.

“I take my dog to Dr. Cavanaugh at his clinic, and I’m a big fan of Scooter’s,” Yardley said. “I just can’t believe that Scooter’s donates 100 percent of its sales to a local charity. I am so happy to support a cause like that.

“And, I love Scooter’s coffee.”