Halloween is one of the holidays children look forward to the most.

They get to dress up and go door to door to houses in their neighborhood and collect candy. What child doesn’t love candy.

Bridger Middle School sixth grader Nickolas Blair loves candy. But when he goes to people’s homes tonight, he won’t be looking for candy.

Instead, he will be collecting canned goods for the homeless as part of the Hands and Feet of Jesus non-profit organization which disperses food to the homeless in the Jackson County area.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/XhzPjE9hO7A


This is the first year Nickolas will be working on his project he dubbed Trunk or Treat For Hunger. It was something he had planned on starting last year but he came down with the flu and had to postpone it to this year.

Finally he is going to get the opportunity. He already has begun collecting canned goods at K-Mart in Independence and Hobby Lobby Blue Springs. He even got large donations to the tune of 480 cans of food from the two Independence Hy-Vee stores.

Tonight, he will go door to door in Greenwood to collect.

So, why did Nickolas want to spend his time collecting canned foods for the homeless rather than candy?

“Every day I see people homeless and people sad and depressed on the streets,” Nickolas said. “I keep those images in my head whenever I see food on my plate, so I picked up Trunk or Treat For Hunger so I can share God’s word and what he sacrificed for us. And I will sacrifice my fun for them. But we’re still going to have fun.”

To promote this project, his mother – Natalie – put a post on Facebook about Trunk or Treat For Hunger and she had many of her friends share the post. She and Nickolas received an overwhelming response.

“There is a lot of people who want to donate,” Natalie said. “So far we’ve had 64 people in Greenwood give us their addresses. I posted about this on my news feed and one of my friends posted it on other Facebook pages and it kind of just boomed. I think there was 600 shares on the Independence page alone.”

While collecting donations, Nickolas will be dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog, a character from the classic Sega Genesis video game series that is known for his superhuman speed.

“He loves Sonic the Hedgehog,” Natalie said. “(Sonic) is always turning something bad into good, huh?”

Added Nickolas: “Sonic inspires my emotions.”

While Sonic was a superhero in his series of video games, Nickolas plans on being a hero in real life as he’s set a lofty goal for himself.

“I want to collect 1 million (cans of food),” Nicholas exclaimed.

Although, his main goal is to collect as many canned goods as possible, he still plans on enjoying some of the benefits of Halloween.

“He won’t turn down a piece of candy if they offer it to him,” Natalie said. “We want to do this every year. And we want to get more kids involved next year.”