People came to work Monday at JobOne in Independence and got ready for the day’s work, which ranged from assembling mail pieces to recoiling cables for the cable company.

They also got a couple of modest surprises – cookies and T-shirts. This had dual purposes. One was to note the season of thanksgiving by saying thank-you to the clients. And the bright blue T-shirts carry JobOne’s new logo and slogan, “Business on a Mission.”

JobOne, whose roots reach back to the old IBS Industries, has been in the community for decades, providing training and jobs for adults with developmental disabilities. JobOne says today close to 40 percent of its clients work in community settings. Many others are like the 120 people at the facility on Yuma Avenue in Independence, where on Monday the work included putting labels on Roasterie coffee bags, relabeling cans of crab, working on I Love Pet Head spray bottles, and putting items inside plastic bubbles bound for vending machines.

“So right now we have a good variety,” said Kelly Logan, vice president of human resources.

JobOne also has about 20 employees at its Secure Documents Solutions site in Independence as well as two sites in Grandview, one of which has a commercial recycling operation. Employee-appreciation events were planned for all four sites.

The idea behind “Business on a Mission” is to raise JobOne’s profile and remind potential clients that it has services to offer them, all with the aim of providing the fulfillment of work and a paycheck for its clients.

Having a variety of facilities and programs helps, and JobOne says operations cover about 70 percent of its costs, lessening its need for tax support.

“We’re pretty diversified.” said CEO Aaron Martin.

Like many not-for-profits, JobOne relies on a volunteer board, and Martin said it needs expertise in such areas as finance, IT and HR.

“We’re always looking for qualified professionals who are willing to serve on our board of directors,” he said.