Are we like the inn keeper,

as Christmas time comes around?

Can we really condemn,

when we may be much like him?

No room, no time, no space,

to give our Lord, His rightful place?

So much to be done,

parties to attend or plan, no time, no place

to give to the Holy One.

Decorations to do, a tree to trim,

shopping for gifts, and making of treats,

leaving no time to worship Him.

Can we rightfully then condemn

the innkeeper who said “no room”

and now “I have so much to do.”

“Now, I've got Christmas to keep,”

and we busily forget about Him?

While we celebrate the season of His birth,

with ways and traditions of this earth.

So many, so much like the innkeeper,

to busy, to be the Christ keeper.

The Lord is often given no place,

as we go about our busy pace.

Wise men long ago gave Him precious gifts.

Shepherds gave Him praise.

Angels gave Him their song.

Can we not give Him some time and place each day?

The truth of the matter,

we often have no right to condemn

the innkeeper who gave no room to Him.

Let us be Christ keepers

give Him honor and praise,

give to Him our very best,

songs to Him and place each day.

Not only at Christmas,

but all thru the year, each day,

welcome Him in, give him room in your heart,

give room in your day, in your way,

and don't be as the innkeeper, give no place to Him,

whose vision was so dim.

Let us see He is the One,

the One for whom we have the season,

the One for whom we have the reason,

give Him place, celebrate Him!