Don’t look for much of a break from the cold for a few days. Snow and worrisome wind-chill readings could return this weekend.

Although it doesn’t include the immediate metro area, virtually all of the Midwest north of a line from Manhattan, Kan., to Plattsburg and Macon in Missouri is under a wind-chill advisory through this morning. The wind-chill factor – cold amplified by wind – could hit 10 to 20 below zero, low enough to pose some dangers to those not adequately covered up.

It’s shivery in the metro area, too, unlikely to get above freezing all week:

• Today, sunny with a high of 15 but wind-chill readings of zero to minus 10. Low tonight of 11.

• Cloudy but warmer Thursday, with a high around 30. Low of 15

• Cloudy and 28 Friday. Low of 10.

• Partly sunny Saturday, with a high of 15 and a chance of snow in the evening. Low of 3.

• Sunny and 13 Sunday. Low around minus 1. Dangerous wind chills could arise New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

• Sunny and 14 on New Year’s Day.

For these conditions – cold, wind, snow and ice – the Weather Service has some common-sense suggestions. Dress for the outdoors, even if you’re stepping out just for a minute. Keep an eye on the forecast, and adjust your schedule if you can. Keep at least half a tank of gas in your car, and keep these things in your car:

• Jumper cables.

• A good first-aid kit.

• A cell phone – fully charged.

• An extra blanket, an extra coat, even a sleeping bag.

• Water and food such as high-energy snacks in case you get stranded.

• A red cloth to tie to your antenna in case you get stranded.

• Flashlights and fresh batteries.

• A radio.

• Cat litter or sand for traction.

• Ice scraper and shovel.

• Whatever your pet might need.

In general, the best advice when stuck in your vehicle is to stay and wait for help rather than striking out on your own.