A Kansas City man has been charged in a pair of stabbing incidents this month, the first of which allegedly happened Dec. 19 in Independence and the second one the next day in Kansas City.

Steven Bowes, 22, faces two counts each of first-degree assault and armed criminal action, along with stealing a motor vehicle in connection with the Independence incident. According to court documents, he told police he stabbed that victim because “demons” told him to do it.

The Independence stabbing happened after 2 a.m., Dec. 19, in a house in the 16300 block of East 32nd Street. The officer who responded found the victim in the bathroom, bleeding heavily from the stomach with a cut deep enough to expose intestines. The victim said “Steven” had stabbed him.

The next day at the hospital, the victim told police Bowes had been at his house watching TV and Bowes started talking as if he was in a cult and wanted to kill someone, and that he had killed someone in the past. The victim convinced Bowes to stay at his house so he wouldn't hurt anyone, then went to bed and left Bowes in the living room. When the victim woke up to go use his bathroom, Bowes met him and without warning stabbed him, using a knife that had been on the living room coffee table.

The victim said Bowes had then taken his GMC Sierra pickup truck, which police recovered later in the morning of Dec. 19, unoccupied and crashed into a power pole in far northwest Independence. Police also located a knife.

Bowes was arrested the next day. He told police he cut the victim while he was asleep in the living room, then fled in the truck and eventually got a ride from a motorist. He said “demons” told him to do it and that “he waited until he was asleep to do the ‘moral’ thing.”

According to court documents, Bowes also admitted to a Dec. 20 stabbing in a residence in the 5100 block of Indiana Avenue in southern Kansas City. He denied fondling the female victim and putting his fingers down her throat as the victim had told police. He said he should have finished the job, and had he done so he wouldn't be in jail. Bowes told police he believed the stabbing was justified.

Both stabbing victims identified Bowes from photographs.