A Kansas City man and Independence woman have been charged in the Dec. 30 fatal shooting of a man at Hocker Heights Apartments in Independence – an apparent drug deal gone bad.

David Racy, 25, and Valincia Alexander, 24, each face charges of second-degree murder and armed criminal action in the shooting death of 20-year-old Steven Ragsdale, Alexander's boyfriend, who was found outside one of the apartment buildings after a shooting reported shortly after 7 p.m. at the apartment complex north of Truman Road and east of Noland Road.

According to court documents, Alexander initially told police she and Ragsdale had been near the complex's trash bin, walking back to their apartment, when an unknown male got out of a white Mitsubishi Eclipse and shot Ragsdale.

While being taken back to police headquarters, Alexander identified a suspect as “DayDay” from his Facebook profile “DayDayKeepItLit.” Police identified Racy from the Facebook URL, pictures on the site and state records.

During further questioning, Alexander told police a different story, admitting that she used Facebook to solicit a marijuana purchase, with the intent that she and Ragsdale would rip off the dealer. She said the pair had set up such a heist before.

Alexander said “DayDay” sent a message saying he would come to the apartments to make the sale, and when he arrived she approached with a fake $100 bill while Ragsdale stood in the vicinity with a gun.

When Alexander got the bag of marijuana she took off running. After that, there were shots fired, and Ragsdale said he was hit and told Alexander to call the police. Alexander said she went inside, told her roommate to call police and left the marijuana in the house. When she came back outside she saw a male in the middle of the complex running back toward the parking lot, she told police.

Alexander said she deleted the Facebook post soliciting the sale and the messages from “DayDay.”

By charging Alexander, prosecutors allege Ragsdale was shot as a result of her fleeing after the marijuana theft.

The charges against Racy and Alexander had been sealed until Monday by court order. Bond has been set at $200,000, 10 percent or secured, for each defendant.