I will preface my screed with a plea – please don’t hate me and send reams of whereases and heretofores, this is just me illustrating what I believe to be Common Sense (ref. Independent Aussie, January 3, 2018, whereas and heretofore). This is not based on scientific fact nor any particularly dazzling education, but my random thoughts.

The U.S. has just gone through a fairly torrid period of weather lately, with a bomb hurricane smacking the east coast, record frigidness across and Midwest and a whole bunch of Plague of Locusts-type Armageddon with the fires in California.

Meanwhile, across the Pacific, Sydney last Saturday had the highest temperature on earth with a very nasty, very humid 117 degrees blasting down on the city.

While the Aussies might be a tad toastier than normal in Sydney, the actual record high was 119 degrees set back in the '30s. The lows hit records up here last week included 32 below in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and we won’t even go into wind chill factors. Well we will, because hitting 100 below out east really warrants going into.

Mankind has only been recording and keeping track of weather for the last 120 years or so, and the earth has been around for 4.54 billion years, give or take a millennium or two, and so if you think back to your schooling and think of dinosaurs and ice ages, the creation of deserts, losing the city of Atlantis (how careless), and Noah building an ark or two, you realize that our planet’s weather has been anything but stable.

While I have no beef at all with the fact that we nasty humans are not having the most positive effect on the earth, I think it might be a tad over-reactionary to say that we’re experiencing world-ending Global Warming as such.

Yes indeed we are going through “Climate Change,” but I don’t know, in the vast scheme of things, that we need to go into an emotional decline over it all. In Popeye parlance I Yam What I Yam – it is, indeed, what it is.

Now Common Sense would dictate certain behaviors which need to be reined in. Hacking away at the rainforests with impunity immediately springs to mind as an environmental no-no. Apart from denuding the earth of its natural ‘lungs,’ we’re displacing a whole bunch of people and animals we have no business displacing.

On a smaller, but possibly as insidious a role, plastic shopping bags really do need to go, as apart from the fact it will take thousands of years for them to degrade, they’re bloody awful to look at especially when littering up the joint. Ditto all other trash. If you don’t want it, have the courtesy to dispose of it, giving a tiny bit more thought to the matter, other than thoughts of yourself.

Environmentally, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, in other words. If we all just did a little bit, maybe we can strike an average. Temperature-wise, that would, by my calculations, make it around 85. Quite comfortable, really.

-- Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at anniedearkc@hotmail.com