The following animals are available for adoption at the Regional Animal Shelter, 21001 E. Missouri 78. Call 621-7722 or visit If you have an animal control problem, call 325-7205.


Grant, male Chihuahua mix, 9 years.

Wally, male Chihuahua/terrier, 7 years.

Tiger, male, Ruby and Pearl, females, toy poodles, 7 years.

Molly, female American staffordshire mix, 6 years.

Chopper, male Yorkshire mix, 6 years.

Pembroke, female shepherd, 4 years.

Rory, female catahoula leopard dog/bulldog, 4 years.

Jack, male, Apple, female, Chihuahua, 4 years.

Waya and Aisha, female pit bull mixes, 3 years

Zook and Outlaw, male pit bull mixes, 3 years.

Shirley, female pointer, 2 years.

Jacob, male hound mix, 2 months.


Hiss Majesty, male long-hair, 5 years.

Furgie and Zelda, female short-hairs, 3 years.

Mickey and Derby, male short-hairs, 3 years.

Mr. Jacinda and Freeway, males, 2 years.

Liz and Younce, female short-hairs, 2 years.

Chickadee, female short-hair, 1 year.

Brandy, female short-hair, 7 months.

Sneaklove, female medium hair, 6 months.

Blitzen and Vixen, male short-hairs, 3 months.

Dot, Maryland and Shadow, females, 2 months.

Spot, male short-hair, 2 months.


Blackberry, black and white male, 2 years (Merriam location.)

There are 51 dogs and puppies, and 37 cats and kittens available for adoption.