Two Kansas City brothers have been charged in the August 2017 killing of a man in northwest Independence and dumping his body in a northeast Kansas City park.

Miguel Love, 26, and Antonio Love, 25, each face charges of first-degree murder, kidnapping, abandonment of a corpse and two counts of armed criminal action in the death of 26-year-old Michael Anthony High-Frump.

Frump's body was found the afternoon of Aug. 16, 2017, in the grass near the north edge of Cliff Drive just east of Chestnut Trafficway in Kessler Park. According to court documents, officers believed Frump had suffered blunt-force trauma and stab and gunshot wounds, and that the body was transported from a different location and dumped at the Kansas City site.

A week later Independence Police told KCPD that an anonymous tipster said a homicide had taken place Aug. 16 in the area of Blue Ridge Boulevard and Lexington Avenue. A white, male victim had been bound, beaten and stabbed while inside the residence and then was put into the trunk of blue car that drove away.

The owner of that residence was in the Jackson County jail, and he identified the victim, whom he knew as “Anthony,” and told Kansas City Police that Frump had been caught at his residence. The suspects, whom he knew as “Salve and Salve's little brother Tony,” had restrained Frump and beat him repeatedly. Then, after a brief quiet period he saw the suspects carry Frump, wrapped in a blanket, out of the basement and put him into a car trunk.

Investigators searched the residence on Lexington Avenue and found blood spots in numerous parts of the house and on several articles of clothing.

According the court documents, Frump's mother told police several days later that her sister had been told by a “friend of the family” that Frump had been “killed over drugs.” Frump and another man apparently had beaten Antonio Love, putting him in the hospital, after Antonio had given Frump money for an ounce of “dope” but Antonio got ripped off instead.

A witness who had been at the Lexington house later identified the suspects as the Love brothers and told police he also saw them beat the victim, take him down to the basement and later bring him back up wrapped in a blanket. Frump appeared to have a stab wound on the neck, the witness said.

Police tried to talk with Miguel Love, who was in jail on outstanding municipal warrants, on Sept. 15. He refused to talk, as he was about to be released and didn't want to hinder that process, he said.

Several days later, another witness who had been at the Lexington house on Aug. 16 said Miguel Love confronted Frump there, then called Antonio to come to the house. At that point, the witness left, but she said Frump had been killed in retaliation for the beating of Antonio.

The next day, police picked up Antonio Love for questioning. He told them he had been beaten by “about five Mexicans” over a bicycle sale and one of them had used a bat. He said he was taken by a relative to the hospital in “critical condition” and had to have plastic surgery. Antonio said no police report was made because the suspects were “cartel members.”

Frump's mother later told police she had heard the suspects' names were “Miguel and Tony” and that after Tony had been ripped off on a drug sale he had threatened someone's family, so Tony had been beaten to the point of being hospitalized.

Prosecutors requested a $250,000 cash bond for each defendant.