The City of Independence Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public within city limits. Critical violations must be handled within 72 hours.

• China Wok, 17911 E. U.S. 24 – On Jan. 4, several large squid were found hanging in an enclosure behind the restaurant with no protection from the elements or other forms of contamination. Owner stated that these were for their personal use. The owner was told to remove the squid from the facility and instructed that any further violations of this kind would result in tickets being issued.

• Linq Foodmart, 18700 E. U.S. 24 – On Jan. 4, a bucket of sanitized water and wiping cloths were stored in the basin of the hand sink on beverage bar, and chemicals were found in the food prep area.

• Palomino's, 10219 E. U.S. 24 – On Jan. 4, the ice and scrub brush was found in kitchen hand sink, and there was ice in the bar area hand sink; all hand sinks are to be used for hand washing only.

• Family Dollar, 12521 E. U.S. 40 – On Jan. 8, paper towels and toilet tissue were not in dispensers.

– Jillayne Ritchie