The Jackson County Public Works/Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public for cities other than Independence.

Blue Springs

Minsky's Pizza, 2201 N. Missouri 7 – On Jan. 10, inspectors noticed food residue build-up on the can opener.

Planet Sub, 495 N.E. Coronado Drive – On Jan. 16, cold, potentially hazardous foods were not held at 41 degrees or below; all out of temperature foods were discarded, re-inspection required. There was an accumulation of residue on the can opener blade and dry food debris and sticker residue were on dishes stored on the clean dish rack; both were corrected. There was dry food debris around the blade of the clean food slicer and an accumulation of residue on the soda nozzle. The dish machine did not read proper concentration of sanitizing chemical when tested and did not reach a high enough temperature to properly sanitize; re-inspection required.

Cosentino's Price Chopper Meat/ Deli/Seafood, 1305 N. M-7 – On Jan. 19, cooked meatballs were stored below raw meat in the display case, fully cooked chicken was stored below raw pork in the display case, and sliced cheese was stored below raw beef in the display case; all were corrected.

Buckets Bar & Grill, 1331 S.W. U.S. 40 – On Jan. 22, an unlabeled spray bottle was found at the bar in the back, and there was a sanitizer bottle on the same shelves as the utensils; both were corrected.

Dirty Harry's Pub, 3100 S.W. M-7 – On Jan. 22, inspectors observed an unlabeled chemical spray bottle; corrected.

Pepperjax Grill, 1204 N.E. Coronado Drive – On Jan. 22, there was a build-up of residue on the can opener, and containers underneath the counter had a build-up of residue within them; both were corrected. Chemicals were stored hanging above ready-to-eat food and single-serve items; repeat violation, re-inspection required. Employees were not washing their hands before placing gloves on.

Yogurtini, 1122 N.E. Coronado Drive – On Jan. 22, the concentration of the sanitizer was too low.

Chick-Fil-A, 951 N.E. Coronado Drive – On Jan. 23, the slicer used for cutting chicken was at room temperature and cleaned only one time per day; corrected through discussion.

Grain Valley

Sonic Drive-In, 706 N. Main St. – On Jan. 10, inspectors noticed a build-up in the top of the ice machine, and the 3-compartment sink spray hose was hanging below the floor level rim of the sink; both will require re-inspection.

Casey's General Store, 101 S. Buckner-Tarsney Road – On Jan. 22, an employee's partially emptied water bottle was found underneath the counter in the food prep area. Some foods were held past their discard date, and a moldy lemon was observed in one reach-in cooler. A couple of containers of salad and deli meats were found undated in the reach-in cooler.

Lee's Summit

Steak N Shake, 304 S.E. M-291 – On Jan. 17, inspectors found no detectable amount of sanitizer in the dish washer, and food debris accumulation was observed inside of the ice cream topping cooler; both are repeat violations, re-inspection required. Spoons stored on the clean equipment rack were dirty; corrected.

Taco Bell, 605 N.E. M-291 – On Jan. 17, food debris accumulation was observed inside of the warmer holding taco shells.

Taco Bell, 1700 S.E. Blue Pkwy. – On Jan. 19, the sanitizer was not being dispensed at the proper concentration; manager said that happens occasionally as the bag empties and repaired it on site.

Jersey Mike's Subs, 940 N.W. Blue Pkwy. – On Jan. 19, employees were observed changing gloves and not washing their hands; corrected through discussion. An employee placed raw chicken on the grill and then cutting bread and touching sliced cheese without changing gloves or washing hands; bread and cheese were discarded. An employee's half eaten sandwich was stored on a prep counter directly next to shredded lettuce; corrected.

Master Wok Xpress, 1100 N.E. Douglas St. – On Jan. 19, eggs were being stored over uncovered raw shrimp in the walk-in cooler; corrected.

Tokyo Grill, 1626 N.W. Blue Pkwy. – On Jan. 19, partially cooked chicken was stored in a pan on a rolling rack was out of temperature; re-inspection required. Inspectors found an unlabeled chemical spray bottle.

Wendy's, 903 W. Chipman Road – On Jan. 19, the soda nozzles were dirty; corrected.

Long-Bell Pizza Co., 3385 S.W. Fascination Drive – On Jan. 22, an employee's open cup of water was found in the kitchen.

– Jillayne Ritchie