A search Wednesday morning at the Jackson County Detention Center apparently turned up no contraband.

The county executive’s office called it “part of an ongoing investigation” and said such searches are routine and will be conducted regularly.

Staff at the County Detention Center, with the aid of sheriff’s deputies, conducted the search of four pods on the seventh floor, where inmates considered to be the most troublesome are held.

Deputies took the inmates out of that area, and then jail staff, aided by three dogs, conducted the search, which Sheriff Mike Sharp said turned up no weapons or cell phones. He said it doesn’t appear that anything that was found was contraband.

“None that’s been identified as such, and you know what – that’s a good thing,” Sharp said.

He said jail officials had contacted him with the idea for the sweep and asked for his department’s help.

“This was strictly a Department of Corrections operation,” he said. “We were there to assist them.”