If you do not have a reclining chair, I recommend buying one. They are very relaxing. If there is a significant other who would like their own recliner, get them one too!

This workout is best done after a long drive in rush hour traffic. It is also best done after returning home with one or two recliners.

The first level of the workout is to be seated in the recliner. Bend the knees, reach back for the armrests, and sit down. Sit up straight and breathe.

Get to the second level with soft music, while not watching television or a telecommunications device. I recommend listening to smooth jazz, classical, or “Breathe” by Pink Floyd.

Slowly straighten the body, while activating the recliner motion to the intermediate setting. You will not be completely straight in this third phase of your training, which is a temporary condition and nothing to worry about.

Take an instructional pause, while imagining your legs are becoming quite heavy. Be careful they do not become too heavy; otherwise, you may be lifted out of your comfort zone. The point here is to relax the legs, while keeping them elevated. Don’t forget to breathe.

Step four requires 10-15 minutes, after slowly pushing back on the recliner from the intermediate position to the fully extended position. Try not to think about anything, except breathing. Close your eyes. It’s relaxation time.