The young girls who attended the daddy-daughter dance Friday night in Blue Springs seemed to intuitively understand the meaning behind the event. While they enjoyed donning their best attire, sporting curled locks, sprinkled with glitter or topped with a tiara, those interviewed all agreed the night was about spending time with their favorite father figure.

Edin Powis, who’s 6, said the event was about “twirling and dancing with Daddy” (Matt) while 9-year-old Maci Cass said of her father, Brandon, “We don’t have much one-on-one time.” Kylie Zavodny, 9, said the evening was a welcome change of pace for her and her dad, Michael, a retired Army officer who’s attending college. “He’s got a lot of school work and stuff,” she said. Six-year-old Tinsley said of daddy, Eric Schroer, that the evening was a chance to hit the dance floor, something they don’t do much at home. “He’s usually too busy or I’m at school,” she said. Eric added that he’s not too keen on dancing but was making an exception Friday night.

The annual event, sponsored by the Blue Springs Parks and Recreation Department, is a Valentine’s Day staple which launched about five years ago and was initially held at Vesper Hall, said Joi Vaughn, a Blue Springs Parks and Recreation Department employee. Participants come from throughout the Kansas City area and many are repeat attendees, she said. The cost was $45 per couple and $15 for each additional child. Although the location and activities have varied, Vaughn said the event’s purpose has remained the same. “It’s all about community,” she said.

When the event outgrew the previous space, it was moved to the Adams Dairy Conference Center, where last week’s event drew nearly 200 fathers and daughters. The evening featured a candy bar, two photo booths, raffle prizes and a hoola-hoop and limbo contests. As a parting gift, each girl received a rose of their color choice.