An Independence private school was closed Wednesday to allow the building to be cleaned and disinfected after a numerous students and some faculty had missed school due to illness.

Center Place Restoration School, on Waldo Street in the McCoy neighborhood of Independence, had announced Tuesday afternoon it would close Wednesday to disinfect classrooms and common areas.

Extra-curricular activities also were canceled. The school already had planned days off Thursday and Friday, along with Presidents Day on Monday.

School administrator Dan Schoenemann said the school, which has 180 students in preschool through 12th grade, had about 85 percent attendance Tuesday with three teachers also out sick, and several others had missed time earlier. Some healthy staff and volunteers, supervised by the school nurse and custodian, helped with cleaning.

“Our attendance rate never dropped below 80 percent, but we normally are at 95-97 percent,” Schoenemann said. “This was a good time with days off on our calendar to disinfect now.”