Most people usually prefer either large dogs or small dogs. I like them all, although I have to admit being apprehensive around certain Chihuahuas. In my experience little dogs will bite you quicker than a big dog will. I think many people believe that big dogs are mean or too hard to control. That’s just not the case. I’ve had big dogs most of my life and they’ve all been well behaved and had sweet dispositions.

The main thing that determines how a dog behaves is training. Whether you go to obedience classes or use a book to learn to train your dog, training is paramount in being able to control your dog. Adult dogs can be trained just like puppies. The attention span of adult dogs is a bit longer and they seem to want to please their people more than puppies do.

Animals Best Friends has several adult dogs of various sizes that need forever homes or at least foster homes. Two of these dogs are Nelson and Jackson.

Nelson and Jackson are 3-year-old brothers. Both boys have good dispositions and walk well on a lead. Nelson and Jackson are playful and each would be a great addition to the right family. ABF does require a fenced yard for these boys.

When looking for a dog to join your family please do not ignore the bigger dogs and the adult dogs. My lab is 88 pounds and when we sit side by side our heads are the same height. She is so sweet and special to me. She protects me when she thinks I could be in danger and can sense when to trust someone new. I wouldn’t trade her for anything!

Animals Best Friends wants to place their adult dogs in good, loving homes. They are also looking for foster families for their adult dogs. If you are interested in adopting or fostering please go to our website and complete an application. The adoption application is under the Adoption tab and the foster application is under the How to Help tab. ABF appreciates the backing they receive from the community and their supporters.

ABF is looking for volunteers for various jobs at their rescue facility, who are dependable, hard-working individuals and have a love for animals. If interested, go to or call 816-254-8664.

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