A Kansas City woman who pleaded guilty to forging a court order for an early prison release will spend more than three years in federal prison for obstruction of justice.

Margie Shepherd, 53, was sentenced Thursday in federal court in Kansas City to 41 months without parole. She pleaded guilty in August 2017, admitting that she tried to get a fellow inmate, Leann Raejeana Turner of Blue Springs, an early release from federal prison in 2014. Turner was released in February 2017 after completing a three-year sentence in federal prison, according to Bureau of Prison records.

According to court records, while in federal prison in Bryan, Texas in late 2014, Shepherd fabricated a document purporting to be an amended judgment for Turner, who also was in Bryan, with a reduced sentence of 120 days – which would have resulted in Turner's immediate release. The document included a forged signature of a federal court judge.

At the time, Shepherd was serving a 10-year prison sentence for conspiracy to commit bank fraud, identity theft and obstruction of justice. Shepherd mailed the fake court order to her sister, who faxed it on two separate days from a Sunfresh grocery store in Kansas City. When prison officials received the document, they were suspicious because of the sentence reduction and typographical errors and determined it to be a forgery.

Shepherd's latest felony conviction is her 30th, along with 11 misdemeanor convictions mostly for fraudulent conduct. She also had escaped custody twice before being recaptured.

Turner, a former realtor, and several others had been indicted in November 2010 as part of an $11 million mortgage fraud scheme that took place 2005-06, involving properties in across Eastern Jackson County and in the Clay and Platte counties. She was pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering in May 2012 and was sentenced two years later.