Jackson County legislators have asked State Auditor Nicole Galloway to look at county financial controls and related issues.

There is no timeline for audit, and the auditor’s office on Monday did not return an Examiner phone call to ask about the next steps of the process.

The Legislature and County Executive Frank White Jr. have had a series of disagreements over spending for several months, and eight weeks ago White wrote to Galloway asking for an audit. However, that could not proceed without a request from the Legislature or a citizen petition. Legislators approved the request Monday without discussion, having said previously that they have no problem with the idea.

Legislators are outlining what they want Galloway to look at, but Chair Scott Burnett, D-Kansas City, said the auditor legally is free to outline her inquiry as she sees fit.

Among other things, the Legislature is asking the auditor to make sure the county is following state law and the County Code, is complying with “governmental best practices” in financial management, has effective oversight of “legal and professional services contracts” and that “proper internal controls” are in place on expenditures of $9,999 or less.

Legislators have keyed in on the $9,999 question, saying White’s office has broken up some spending into small packages to get around the need for legislative approval. They also have questioned some professional services contracts that have run into six figures.