Just about the time Spring arrived (OK, not really, but March 1 is considered the beginning of spring for meteorologists) we had to endure, all in one day, high winds, snow, rain and sleet, reminding us it really is still winter.

Feeling as gloomy as the weather, I was just about ready to tell Mother Nature the game is over, you win, I’ll just stay inside until April, when I saw them. Standing in the snowstorm, watching me, as I drove up the driveway. It’s the best sign warm weather is very near, the pair of geese who make our pond their home each Spring have arrived.

I used to question if they were really the same pair every year, but it’s hard to imagine “strange” geese would follow us up the driveway to get their daily waffles or slices of bread. They’ve gotten so used to being here they’re not in any hurry to get out of the way as they meander across the driveway, acting as though they own the place.

With the bouts of warm weather it’s made it even harder for me to be patient to begin outdoor projects so I decided to start spring cleaning inside instead. He gets nervous when I get the itch to start deep cleaning because it usually ends up I clean something so well it won’t work anymore or organize junk drawers so he can’t find anything.

This time it was the coffee pot. When it wouldn’t turn on he asked me if I had sprayed water around the electronic programming gadgets. Well of course not, I said. I’d know better than to do such a thing. When he turned it upside down and water came running out of the buttons, I added, it really wasn’t a lie, I didn’t spray it, I had just rinsed it off.

I think he was actually relieved it was only a coffee pot this time as I’ve managed to ruin more important electronic devices, like his cell phone during one of my episodes of cabin-fever-spring-is-never-going-to-get-here madness.

I decided to put up the sponge and began planning what to plant and where. The only problem is the master gardeners say to wait until the danger of frost is over. I’m beginning to think they’re not from around here, as everyone knows, if you live in the Midwest, the only way you know for sure the frosty mornings are over is the day you open the swimming pool.

My tulips are threatening to come up and look as confused as the folks who, after a 70-degree day, forgot to change out of their shorts when the temperature dropped to 20 the following morning.

Even if I have to wear my Carhartts, I’m going to get out the lawnmower this weekend. I’ve seen hints of green, so hopefully I can watch the grass grow.

-- Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at sandydownhome@hotmail.com