Before the February ice storm froze, I drove to the Dollar General and Conoco gas station for emergency supplies. Running out of hot dogs, or cigarettes, sounded bad to me.

Upon returning home, I decided to look inside the cupboard and the fridge to see what was on hand, just in case we had a full week of icy weather. I had lots of coffee, spaghetti, jellied cranberry sauce, popcorn, two fish fillets and tartar sauce, Vitamin C, and assorted beverages.

I wouldn’t have gone thirsty, which is good for general living, but it was time to get some food with nutritional value. I am not living on Red Hots, Vitamin C, and coffee, or something like those. Here’s what I got instead of Red Hots: Beer, cigarettes, peanut butter, soup, green beans, tuna salad kit, bananas, eggs, yogurt (not the Greek kind), cheese, pizza, protein bars and cereal. I listed cereal last, because I had to go back out and get more of this daily staple.

I did some reading, while stuck inside with nothing to do. I read The Examiner and other interesting articles and photos on the Internet. The Winter Olympics were fun to watch and so were some old westerns on TV. The old westerns had lots of dialogue and they taught us the code of the West. The bad guys always get what they deserve, violently.

Being alone with my thoughts was not as entertaining as I had hoped. Having something good to eat and a few distractions were much better experiences, though. I haven’t seen my friends from yoga or the Visitor Experience Center this week, but I went bowling last night with my friends at Diamond Bowl. Socializing with my friends is what I missed the most during the ice storms.