The Jackson County Public Works/Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public for cities other than Independence.

Blue Springs

• Indian Mix Grill, 1214 N.W. M-7 – On March 1, the chemical sanitizer was not dispensing at the proper concentration for the dish washing machine; corrected. A container of raw chicken was above a bin of ready-to-eat rice; corrected.

• Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell, 1236 N.W. Woods Chapel Road – On March 1, a large tub of pico was not dated; corrected.

• Plowboys BBQ, 3111 S.W. M-7 – On March 1, the spatula hanging by the dish washer was worn and torn, and the soda nozzles from the bag and the boxes were on the floor; both violations were corrected.

• Sonic Drive-In, 515 N.E. Coronado Drive – On March 2, clean utensils and the slicer had dried food debris stuck to them; corrected. The quat sanitizer was more than 400PPM; corrected.

• Edge of Town Café, 960 S.W. 37th St. – On March 2, raw eggs were above cooked au gratin potatoes; corrected.

• Cosentino's Price Chopper Kitchen/Sous Vide/Salad Bar/ Smoked Meats, 1101 S. M-7 – On March 5, the can opener had food residue; corrected.

• Hissho Sushi at Price Chopper, 1101 S. M-7 – On March 5, an unlabelled spray bottle was found on the hand washing sink; corrected. Raw tuna and meats for the sushi in the reach-in cooler by the prep area were not date label; corrected. They did not have a consumer advisory requirement on the board or on the to go catering menu.

• Fazoli's, 810 W. U.S. 40 – On March 6, one of the ice buckets was cracked at the bottom; corrected.


• Blue Hills Rest Home, 2207 N. Blue Mills Road – On March 2, a bucket of sanitizer was stored directly next to a bin of oranges and onions; corrected.

Lee's Summit

• Chili's Grill & Bar, 1688 N.W. Chipman Road – On Feb. 26, the make table was not holding food at 41 degrees or below; foods were discarded. The following food contact surfaces were dirty: Microwave interior and the lettuce chopper/shredder was stored on clean shelf with dry food debris, both required re-inspections; and the can opener, corrected. Sticker residue and food debris was on clean dishes; repeat violation, re-inspection required. An employee used bar hands to put lemon in water; water was discarded and a new drink was made using tongs for the lemon.

• Cosentino's Price Chopper Kitchen/ Salad Bar/ Smoked Meats, 251 S.W. Greenwich Drive – On Feb. 28, smoked meats held in the warmer table available for sale were being held outside of the heat lamp perimeter allowing the internal temperature to drop below 135 degrees; re-inspection required.

• Longview Community College Cafeteria, 500 S.W. Longview Road – On Feb. 28, inspectors found residue on the clean knives.

• Master Wok, 3757 S.W. Raintree Drive – On Feb. 28, the walk-in cooler had an ambient air temperature of 57 degrees; re-inspection required. A pan of soup was being held out of temperature or time control and was being served; re-inspection required. Raw chicken was stored above ready-to-eat food and raw shrimp in the walk-in cooler.

• Sonic Drive-In, 1901 E. Langsford Road – On Feb. 28, the quaternary ammonium sanitizer was insufficient in concentration; corrected.

• Tiff N Jays, 700 N.E. Woods Chapel Road – On Feb. 28, an unlabeled spray bottle was found in the kitchen area; corrected.

• McDonald's, 1809 S.E. Blue Pkwy. – On March 2, one of the microwaves had a build-up of debris inside of it; corrected.

• Costa Vida, 115 S.E. M-291 – On March 5, an unlabeled bottle of chemical was hanging on a rack near the ware washing area; corrected.

• Custard's Last Stand, 308 S.E. M-291 – On March 5, the inside of the microwave had an accumulation of debris and residue within it; corrected.

• Jack Stack Barbecue, 1840 Chipman Road – On March 5, beans were held at 105 degrees; they were allowed to reheat the beans to 165 degrees since they had been out for less than 1.5 hours, re-inspection required.

• Lee's Summit Elementary, 110 S. Green – On March 5, the chemical sanitizer was not at a high enough concentration; corrected.

Sugar Creek

• Peking Express, 11330 E. U.S. 24 – On Feb. 20, a tub of onions was found on the floor in the kitchen area, raw egg being kept above noddles; both were corrected.

• Sticks and Stones Bar & Grill, 11404 E. U.S. 24 – On Feb. 20, inspectors noticed chemical bottles in the kitchen and the bar down stairs did not have labels; corrected.

– Jillayne Ritchie