ndependence Police evacuated several nearby houses midday Tuesday after a resident near the intersection of Overton Avenue and Linwood Boulevard discovered a suspicious package in her mailbox.

The bomb squad determined package was later determined to be a non-threat, and residents were able to return home about 3 p.m., a few hours after the incident started.

The resident had called police shortly after 11 a.m., and when police arrived they confirmed with the postal service that it had not delivered a package to that address on the 9600 block of Linwood. At that point, IPD officer Luis Virgil said, given the recent news of mail package bombs in Texas, officers decided to evacuate immediate neighboring residences as a precaution.

Police and FBI bomb squad members X-ray'd the package and determined it was not wired, and after retrieving the package they found it had no explosives. Virgil said the package had been wrapped in a way that was clearly not from the postal service, and without elaborating said the package had language scrawled on it that was “unsettling to the resident.” Detectives would be asking neighbors about any suspicious sightings or security camera footage that could help determine who delivered the package, Virgil said.