A Kansas City man faces federal charges in connection with the March 14 shooting death in Independence of a reported rival drug dealer.

Lester “Lucky” Brown, 30, has been charged with using a GPS tracking device to follow Christopher Harris, 30, of Kansas City, who was shot to death outside a duplex on East 28th Place in front of his 8-year-old daughter as he returned the girl to her mother's home.

According to court documents, the shooting marked a culmination of a standing conflict between Brown and Harris over their competition in selling marijuana.

Officers were sent to the home on the evening of March 14 on a report of shots fired near the residence. Harris' ex-girlfriend, the mother of the child, told police her boyfriend had been shot. Officers found him unresponsive with a wound to the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

An anonymous source told investigators Brown had organized the hit on Harris and enlisted two others as shooters. Brown had used a covertly placed GPS device on Harris' vehicle to track him. The source said Brown and Harris had been friends, but Harris and his associates wouldn’t let Brown participate in their drug network, as Brown had been trying to join other distributors in the metro area to “expand his enterprise.”

Brown was reportedly responsible for Harris being injured in a 2011 shooting, and he allegedly had robbed other drug traffickers to steal bulk quantities of illegal drugs to distribute himself.

According to court documents, two anonymous sources told investigators Brown has deployed GPS tracking devices on vehicles of other known illegal drug distributors to attempt robberies. The second source said he believed Brown done this to track, kidnap and kill a man in Kansas City in 2013.

Investigators found a covert GPS device on the undercarriage of Harris' vehicle, and device's manufacturer identified the user account as “LesterBROWN87.” Brown was born in 1987.

Harris' ex-girlfriend told investigators Harris had recently told her about a confrontation between himself and Brown at a local shopping center, in which Harris told Brown he had a bounty out for Brown.

In the overnight hours after Harris was shot, Brown posted on his Facebook page, writing that “Money and Price came between me and Chris gaining our friendship all the way back, but the last convo we had I felt the apology was sincere. I forgave him. Life is too short, stop holding grudges before you regret not being able to spend yo last days wit the people you close to. R.I.PCHRISHARRIS.”

Eight minutes later, Brown posted again, writing that the last time he saw Harris he said people would “hate to us back together on our money (stuff).”

Brown was arrested Thursday, according to a spokesperson of the district court. He remains in federal custody pending a detention hearing on Tuesday. Independence and Kansas City police and the FBI continue to investigate in the case.