With the season of the most severe weather at hand, the Central Jackson County Emergency Management Agency is holding a day-long emergency readiness event on Saturday.

It’s from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at CJC’s Training and EMS Education Center, 4715 West U.S. 40 in Blue Springs. It’s free, and lunch is provided. Registration starts at 8:30.

The day includes basic storm spotter training by the National Weather Service, a review of the 2017 Oak Grove tornado, and a demonstration of what could happen if a cluster of tornado-producing storms like the one that hit Greensburg, Kansas in 2007 were to hit Kansas City.

The event is the idea of Les Boatright, assistant emergency management director of the Central Jackson County, who encourages people to have a good emergency readiness kit with items that might include a first-aid kit, a few bottles of water, a flashlight and fresh batteries, and contact information for family members.

Local emergency managers also stress paying closer attention to the weather as warranted and being ready to act if a warning is posted.

Online sources such as preparemetrokc.org and others outline the basics and then some information for putting together an emergency supplies kit and having a plan for your home, business or church.

“Ready.gov is probably the best source for that type of thing,” Boatright said.