We pay property taxes, income taxes and sales taxes. We pay gas taxes, payroll taxes and consumption taxes. The list goes on and on. Then when we die we pay a death/estate tax.

Every time we go to the polls to the vote, someone is asking for us to approve another tax. Just last year we approved a public safety tax to help out firefighters and police officers (which I did support).

When we go to the polls and vote on April 3, it is time to say enough is enough and vote no on the newest tax the city of Independence it trying to impose.

On April 3 you will also be electing two candidates to the City Council. I am one of those candidates, and I am asking for your support and here is why.

I decided to run for the City Council because with my background in law enforcement as well as working within a government agency for many years, I feel I can bring positive ideas to the city.

I believe I represent the everyday resident of the city. My father is a retired truck driver, and my mother retired from the medical field. I grew up on a farm in a very rural area and learned the value of hard work at a very young age. I live in a $70,000 dollar house in the Susquehanna area. You do not get much more “blue collar” than me.

I do not feel the council is representing the needs of the residents. I believe that certain individuals are more concerned about other initiatives than the crime, drug and blight problem.

I would like to see the city more concerned about the previously listed items than rather or not an 18-year-old can purchase cigarettes. This is only one example of government overreach that has occurred in the city, and there are others.

My priorities would be jobs, crime and economic development. If we can bring in more jobs through economic development, it will help reduce certain crimes.

I have worked for Jackson County since the year 2000 in the Information Technology Department. In addition to that I served for many years in law enforcement with three years of that as a chief of police.

Beyond that I care deeply for this community and want it to thrive, I feel that more than anything qualifies me to hold a City Council seat.