I am qualified and ready – I am a proud third-generation resident of Independence. I attended Independence's schools K-12, married and raised a family, and worked here most of my life. After graduating from William Chrisman High School, I went to work at Armco Steel, then with production cuts they laid me off.

I was fortunate to land a job as janitor at Independence Power & Light. I worked long and hard hours for a career with IPL, first as janitor, progressing to journeyman lineman, then a lineman superintendent, and finally the transmission and distribution manager. I retired after being blessed with 34 years of service to IPL and the Independence community we serve.

I enjoyed serving the residents of my hometown while working with IPL. I gained valuable experience and knowledge on how this city operates. I dealt with budget issues, power generation, power distribution and the billing process. I was project manager on the new operations building and understand how team work is needed to solve problems to better serve the Independence taxpayer...our true boss.

When I filed for office I followed the rules of our City Charter to be qualified for council office. I stood the scrutiny of our voters by getting petitions signed to be on the ballot.

It is imperative that we have safe schools, safe neighborhoods and safe streets to have the kind of city that draws businesses to create jobs and families to make Independence home. I will support our police and give them the tools they need to keep our community safe. Blight is also a problem in parts of our town. We must do better at removing blight, which hurts our property values and looks bad to visitors.

I am concerned that Independence Power & Light is dependent on outside electrical power generation. We need our plant to be configured to produce our own power at peak demand. Depending on outside supply makes us vulnerable to any weather-related crisis that could cut power off for days. I want Independence to be prepared for a loss of power from any outside provider.

Independence is a great place to live, raise a family and have a job. I have a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge of our city government. I have the time and heartfelt desire to give back to my city and look forward to the opportunity to serve for a better future and prosperity for all.