The Jackson County Public Works/Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public for cities other than Independence.

Blue Springs

• Olive Garden, 801 N.E. Coronado Drive – On March 23, shelving unit racks in the walk-in cooler had a build-up of food residue, and the floors in the walk-in cooler had a build-up of debris; both were corrected.

• Sinclairs Restaurant, 1402 N.W. M-7 – On March 26, multiple containers of food in the walk-in cooler were held past their discard date; corrected.

Grain Valley

• Grain Valley Middle School, 901 S.W. Ryan Road – On March 23, inspectors found multiple dented cans on the can racks; discarded.

• Sonic Drive-In, 706 N. Main St. – On March 26, the inside of the soda nozzles had a build-up or residue within them; corrected.

Lake Lotawana

• Canoe Club, 27905 E. Colbern Road – On March 23, the reach in cooler across from the grill on the right side was holding food out of temperature; food was discarded and chemical was poured over it, re-inspection required.

• Captains Sports Lounge, 27909 E. Colbern Road – On March 23, the microwave had a build-up of residue within it; corrected. The reach-in cooler across from the grill was not holding food at a temperature of 41 degrees or below; food was discarded and chemical poured over it; re-inspection required.

Unity Village

• Unity Inn, 1901 N.W. Blue Pkwy. – On March 26, inspectors noticed and worn and torn spatula that were worn and torn; corrected.


• Cosentino's Apple Market, 11501 E. 63rd St. – On March 5, raw chicken was stored on the shelf above raw brats in the air curtain cooler. A chemical spray bottle in the deli was unlabeled.

• Gingers Restaurant, 11555 E. 63rd St. – On March 5, packages of ready-to-eat foods were stored on top of raw meats. There was debris build-up in both microwaves, and an employee screw top water bottle was stored on top of the dish washer.

• Los Compas Mexican Restaurant, 9055 E. M-350 – On March 5, there was residue build-up on the can opener blade.

• McDonald's, 8909 E. M-350 – On March 5, an employee did not wash their hands between changing gloves; re-inspection required. Multiple roaches were found in the dry storage room near the walk-in coolers, in the employee information room, and in the utility closet by the restrooms; re-inspection required.

• Blue Yuu, 9700 E. 63rd St. – On March 9, an in-use wiping cloth was placed in a bucket of old sanitizer with very low concentration of sanitizer, and reduced oxygen packaged fish was thawed in the reach-in cooler without being removed from the package.

• Denny's, 8810 E. M-350 – On March 9, the egg cooler was holding shell eggs above 41 degrees; discarded, re-inspection required.

• Shanghai Express, 6340 Raytown Road – On March 2, a container of raw chicken was stored on top of a bucket of sauce.

• Lutfi's Fried Fish, 6633 Raytown Road – On March 9, a used employee water bottle was stored in the reach-in cooler with food.

• El Maguey, 6600 Raytown Road – On March 13, potentially hazardous food being held in both the top and inside of the prep cooler across from the grill was not being held at 41 degrees; manager stated that all food was placed in the cooler less that 2 hours before the inspection, so it was moved to another cooler, re-inspection required. A pan of cheese dip was being held out of temperature control and had an internal temperature of 94; it was out of temperature for less than 2 hours and was reheated, re-inspection required.

• Wendy's, 9708 E. 63rd St. – On March 14, food in plastic containers in the walk-in cooler had no date labels, and the plastic clear food containers were cracked and chip; corrected.

• Kentucky Fried Chicken, 9924 E. M-350 – On March 15, the was used to make the quat sanitizer was cold and the concentration of the quat sanitizer was less than 200 ppm.

– Jillayne Ritchie