I've played April fools jokes on the family for so many years, they're on to me. With their calendars marked and phone alarms reminding them I may be calling to play a prank, it's become nearly impossible to pull it off.

Some years I've even had to resort to fooling them several days before, which they argue isn't fair, but I say it's a fools' game, so there aren't any rules. My girls are impossible to play tricks on since they grew up with a prankster mom and unfortunately for them, I didn't just prank them on April Fools’ Day.

Trying to get everyone called, in one day, to play a prank, just got to be too time consuming, so I started planning family event shenanigans. One year, while eating out for my niece's birthday, I snuck a large screw in my mouth and let it drop loudly on my plate as if I had just bitten into it. Their reaction was worth nearly chipping my tooth.

It's no holds barred when it comes to April fools, and with it landing on Easter this year, it was like preparing for the Super Bowl. When I started dragging Halloween decorations upstairs he looked away from the golf channel just long enough to wonder what holiday we might be getting ready for.

Even though the egg hunt took place during a snowstorm, the grandkids were just as excited as if it were a typical spring day. As they sat down to open their eggs they were surprised to find some eggs full of broccoli and carrots. April Fools! They weren’t impressed.

The fake fly on the lamp shade didn’t faze any of them or the plastic fingers lingering in the refrigerator. The wild-eyed, big teeth rats hiding in between the glasses in the cabinet were just pushed aside as if they fully expected these shenanigans from their host.

Just when I thought all was lost, on the houseful of suspecting victims, my perfectly made poop from cake mix was discovered in the bathroom and the adults started to frantically try to figure out which one of their kids had an accident. Suffice to say, that made my day.

I guess I should have stayed clear of the Halloween décor because the handmade pranks did the trick. The plastic cup with glue, aka milk, spilling all over the floor was seen by two of the young mothers who instinctively ran for a towel to mop up the mess they assumed their toddler had made.

At the end of the day, when the girls were cleaning up and getting containers to take home leftovers, the flying spider out of the cabinet topped it off. There’s nothing like being able to scare one, or more, of your adult children.

It was a blessed day to celebrate Christ and family, and that’s no April fools.

Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at sandydownhome@hotmail.com.