A former staff member at William Chrisman High School has been charged with having sexual contact with two students.

Jackson County prosecutors 22-year-old Robert Bluett, who worked as a para-professional, coach and substitute teacher at the school, with two counts of sexual contact with a student. He faces up to four years in prison for each count if convicted. Prosecutors requested at $75,000 (10 percent) bond.

According to court documents, the Children's Division contacted Independence Police last month about a sex offense involving a teacher and student. A student had told an administrator that her friend had been receiving inappropriate texts from Bluett.

“When an allegation was reported to a staff member, the district followed protocol and immediately reported this to the Missouri Children’s Division,” the Independence School District said in a statement. “The district takes student safety very seriously, and the accused individual is no longer working for the Independence School District.”

When police contacted the mother of the recipient student, the girl denied the allegations. Police first met with Bluett on Wednesday and said they had sent a subpoena to Facebook for records. He at first denied any wrongdoing, then admitted to having sexual conversations with the girl and receiving some photos of her via Snapchat, but not nude photos. Bluett told police he'd never met the girl outside of school and didn't know she went to Chrisman until after the report was made to the school. He then voluntarily left the police station, as he was not under arrest.

Police then talked with the girl's mother again, who said her daughter had given the same information. The girls later said Bluett had asked for nude photos and she sent some.

Police then arrested Bluett and brought him back for questioning, and he then admitted to receiving nude photos of the girl, according to court documents. He had saved them on a fake calculator app and deleted them when he was called to district's administrative offices.

Bluett then told police he had sexual contact with two other Chrisman students that he knew from school, ages 18 and 17, and both girls had sent him nude photos and videos. The alleged sex act with the first of those girls happened in the first months of the 2017-18 school year, in Bluett's driveway when he gave her a ride home from a party.

The second girl said Bluett had also sent her a sexually explicit picture via Snapchat, and he knew she was 17 years old. Their alleged sex act was last month in a school bathroom. Both girls said the sexual acts were consensual.