I had to run to the DMV the other day to renew my car. The wait wasn’t too bad.

You currently have the option of entering your cell number into their system, and they text you when it is your turn. That beats the heck out of standing in line for three hours.

Anyway, I observed some moms and dads, standing in line with their 15- and 16-year-olds. Ha!

It has been years, but I have not forgotten the stress, the cost, the injury, the nausea, and the anxiety. There should be some counseling or therapy when it’s time for a teenager to learn to drive.

When Jeremy, my youngest, got his permit, I was a mess. I had already been through the nightmare with five other kids.

Today, Jeremy has a daughter, and I cannot wait till she learns to drive. If it is anything like how she learned to walk, and participate in gymnastics, watch out!

Anyway, at that time, 15 years ago, Jeremy was one of the younger in his high school class. Most of his buddies were already driving.

No, honestly, I have not forgotten the anxiety.

About the same time as Jeremy, my daughter Ashley got married and moved to Idaho. Within the first year, Ashley had to apply for a new Idaho state license.

Ashley was not happy about having to take the test and have her picture taken. She was eight months pregnant.

For any woman, a license picture is a serious matter.

Anyway, Ashley said she got a little nervous when she read the test question about “open range” laws and animals in the road.

In reference to animals in the road, one of the multiple choice answers was “Go ahead and hit them.” It made her smile.

The test was a bit difficult, but she passed.

This year I need to renew mine. Gosh, I hope I can get a good picture.

Did you know that in Arizona you can renew your license for up to 49 years?

The last time I renewed my license, we were living in Arizona, and I seriously asked for a glamour shot picture.

It’s sometimes boring in the desert, even at the driver’s license bureau.

Anyway, my license was about to expire, so I decided to beat the rush and take the driver’s test early.

The two workers were half asleep when I walked in.

When I asked the attendants was “How long until the new license will expire?” They responded simultaneously, “Thirty years.”

Thirty years means it has to be a good picture.

I asked if they could take a couple of shots to get a good one. They complied.

They took half a dozen shots. We had fun. My best picture was the one where I cupped my hands together, under my chin and gave that Cheshire cat grin.

I really hated to give that license up when we moved to Missouri. It was a great picture. They let me select a weight and height, which complimented my presentation.

Do you know they punch a hole in your old license when you move to a new state? I have a few from California, Indiana, North Carolina, Utah, Idaho, Pennsylvania and Missouri.

When I look back on the old licenses, I laugh. I believe I was pregnant in at least four of them.

Wait a minute. I just heard my Expedition back out of the driveway. I’m at the computer.

The only other one at home is Kelsey and she doesn’t ...

Drive. Talk later!

Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County’s Family Week Foundation. Email her at jacksoncountyfamilyweek@yahoo.com or visit www.jacksoncountyfamilyweek.org.