The Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc. annual meeting and awards luncheon on April 26 will feature Dr. Steven Arkin, one of the co-founders of the SPEAK UP Foundation (Suicide Prevention Education Awareness for Kids United as Partners), alongside his wife, Karen, and the Doss family.

After the tragic loss of his son, Jason, in May 2015 to suicide, Dr. Arkin has been dedicated to speaking out in the community about suicide, reducing stigma associated with mental illness, raising awareness regarding support and education, and aiming to prevent deaths by suicide. The work that Dr. Arkin and Speak Up is doing is pivotal in breaking the silence around an issue that affects every one of us; by letting those who may be in need of help know that we are here, we will listen, and that their life matters.

This annual event also includes community and staff recognition awards. The general public is invited to attend Visit for more information and pricing. The registration deadline is April 20.