The Jackson County Public Works/Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public for cities other than Independence.

Blue Springs

• Goodcents Deli, 1618 S. M-7 – On April 12, inspectors noticed a worn and torn spatula; corrected.

• Minit Mart, 1202 N. M-7 – On April 12, roller grill foods that were held in reach-in cooler were not labeled with the discard date; corrected.

• Misfits Bar & Grill, 1513 S.W. M-7 – On April 12, the dish machine was not sanitizing; re-inspection required.

• Panera Bread, 605 N.E. Coronado Drive – On April 12, cracks were observed in a plastic food container; corrected.

• Taco Bell, 525 N.E. Coronado Drive – On April 12, food held in the cold top were above 41 degrees; food on one side that was put out less that 2 hours previous was quickly cooled, and food on the side that was put out at opening was discarded, re-inspection required.

• Dairy Queen, 1900 S. M-7 – On April 13, inspectors found no dates on open hot dogs or grilled chicken patties in the reach-in cooler next to the toaster; corrected. Six blenders mixes plastic containers were worn or cracked; corrected.

Grain Valley

• Valley Pub & Patio, 640 N.W. Yennie St. – On April 13, packaged fully cooked chicken was stored in the same holding container as packaged raw beef in the bottom of a reach-in cooler; corrected.

Lee's Summit

• Waldo Pizza, 1543 N.E. Douglas St. – On April 9, inspectors found a can opener with a build-up of food residue; corrected.

• Bullseye Bar, 1169 N.E. Rice Road – On April 12, the ice machine had a wet black residue building up inside of it; re-inspection required.

• IHOP, 628 N.E. M-291 – On April 13, raw tilapia was stored above leafy greens and tortillas in the cooler; corrected.

• Panda Express, 1684 N.W. Chipman Road – On April 13, inspectors found a crack in the side of a pan; discarded.

• Ted's Cafe Escondido, 636 N.E. M-291 – On April 16, the soda nozzle at the bar had a black residue building up inside of it; corrected.

• Thai Spice, 1192 N.E. Douglas St. – On April 16, the can opener had a build-up.

• China King, 305 N.E. Todd George Pkwy. – On April 16, raw chicken and beef were stored above ready-to-eat vegetables; corrected.

• McDonald's, 3275 S.W. 3rd St. – On April 17, eggs and other foods stored in the reach-in cooler were out of temperature; food was discarded, re-inspection required.

• Arby's, 200 S.W. M-150 – On April 17, there was an open canned energy drink on top of a make table; corrected.


• Dunkin Donuts, 8820 E. M-350 – On April 13, food in the ready-make table were above 41 degrees; corrected. Items had come from the walk-in cooler within last 2 hours, and were allowed to return to proper temperature. Cooler was working properly and other items were at temperature; pans were overfilled causing the issue.

• Church's Chicken, 9310 E. M-350 – On April 17, gnats were observed throughout the kitchen and the ice scoop at the drive thru ice bin was dirty.

– Jillayne Ritchie