Campaign finance reports for 30 days post-election show some last-week contributions to candidates in the April 3 Independence City Council election, as well as a post-election contribution to Mayor Eileen Weir's campaign committee.

Weir was re-elected without opposition save for last-minute write-in candidate Lucy Young. Incumbent Karen DeLuccie and Mike Huff won the at-large seats, the latter holding off write-in candidate Matt Medley. Brice Stewart, whose campaign had minimal activity in fundraising and expenditures, also was on the ballot.

The contribution to Weir, $1,000 from Mark One Electric President Rosana Biondo, and a small expenditure put Weir's campaign committee with $37,136.31 on hand.

DeLuccie's campaign took in $1,350 in contributions in the last week before the election, including $500 from the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors PAC. Before that, her campaign had $172.13; she now has $1,033.18 on hand.

Huff loaned his own campaign $1,000 in the days leading up to the election, and he received $350 in three contributions the day of the election. With $2,428.99 in expenditures in the final week, his campaign has $579.05 on hand.

Medley's campaign took in $2,300 in the week-plus – including $1,700 from the political action committee Citizens for Effective Leadership and $500 from Tom Waters – and had $6,237.24 in expenditures, leaving $443.87.

In the final election results for the at-large seats, DeLuccie had 6,450 votes, Huff 3,430 and Stewart 2,758. There were 3,248 write-in votes, and the Jackson County Election Board counted 3,122 of them for Medley. From that total, 2,613 wrote “Matt Medley” and 145 wrote “Matthew Medley.” Voters also wrote in “Mike Medley” 131 votes, “Medley” 49 times and “Mathew Medley” 24 times among the dozens of variations of names from apparently meaning to choose Medley.

Young received 454 write-in votes, 432 of which had her name written correctly.