The Questers will be in town May 3 and 4 and bringing buses of chapter members from all across the United States and Canada, as they tour our wonderful museums, mansions, cemeteries, theaters and parks.

Questers is a nonprofit organization and was started in 1944 in Philadelphia by Elizabeth Bess Bardens. Today there are chapters in 41 states and 2 provinces. There are 14 chapters in the state of Missouri.

The mission of Questers is to educate, research, and study antiques in order to preserve the past for the future, and to promote education in fields of historical preservation and restoration. In addition, Questers donates funds for the preservation and restoration of artifacts and existing memorials, historical buildings, and landmarks.

The Quester chapters in Missouri have completed preservation projects for 36 years. Through Questers, $330,000 has been donated to preservation projects in the state.

The 14 Quester chapters are proud to be hosting the convention here in Missouri, and especially celebrating and showing off our beautiful cities. We are expecting around 500 Questers.

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