Remember a while back in the dim dark past, it was considered terribly bad form to eat more than three eggs a week?

Well, it is now indeed recommended that we eat one egg a day – as it has evidently been proven that this is supposed to cut your risk of heart disease and stroke by, oh, I don’t know, about four hundred and twelve percent. We may indeed possibly live forever – who knows?

“They” (a.k.a. the scientific boffins) have ruled that four cups of coffee per day is just hunky dory, but yet coffee sold in California must carry cancer warnings. Gee whiz, California – go figure.

Health-conscious trendies have decided kale is to be a “flavor of the month,” which quite frankly has now lasted long past its due-by date.

I remember being fed something similar to this by my mother. In Australia we called this spinach, as the spinach you all know – and don’t necessarily love – for some strange reason was not sold in Sydney at the time. Mum’s terminology for this interloping upstart was “silver beet,” and actually if prepared correctly wasn’t half bad. I believe it is more like Swiss chard than Kale, but let’s not split hairs – or indeed vegetables.

Regardless of its name, one thing is for absolute certain – please cook the stuff. I had some raw kale in a salad the other day, and I felt like a cow chewing its cud, so tough was the stuff. I think, really kids, that we can get over kale now and move onto another new health kick can’t we?

I tend to put quinoa (pronounced kee-nwaaaa by those in the know) in pretty much the same boat as kale. It gets a “really?” vote from me.

Oh I’m sure both kale and quinoa are so healthy for you that you could possibly like longer than forever, but it now seems that every recipe you look at has one, the other, or both and I’m pretty bored with the whole concept.

Food fads have been going on for ages, and I will guarantee you there have no doubt been scientific warnings about them all.

Spam; the Atkins Diet; cooking everything known to man combined with a can of Campbell’s soup; the newish trend for ever-so-clever young chefs to add foam to a dish; beef versus chicken – the list goes on and on. Oh and don’t let us forget the ’70s trend of combining something otherwise perfectly edible with jello and calling it “salad.”

Mum went through that one – tomatoes in aspic was one fancy title, another being some mélange of carrots in orange jello. There they would sit, wobbling malevolently next to the carved cold ham and potato salad. We kids weren’t fooled though. They were respectively referred to, sotto voce of course, as “Mum’s bloody moldy carrot” or “Oh, God, no, Mum’s moldy tomato.”

I must confess I gave up listening to all the studies when years ago I read that the combination of bacon, coffee and the use of a hairdryer in the morning were going to give you cancer.

Life is too short. Go eat your moldy carrot, swill coffee, chow down on your bacon – just don’t use the hairdryer.

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at