Recently the owner of the Miller Theaters: Blue Springs 8 movie theater, Brett Miller, decided it was time to remodel the business he has owned for the past three years. He wanted to keep up with other local theaters in technology and luxury seating.

Those plans have kicked into gear as Miller has laid out a plan for new screens, luxury seats, a bar and new sound systems.

“We hope to have these ready for the holiday season,” Miller said.

In addition, new systems at the concession stand will allow customers to buy their tickets and order food at the same time.

“This is the trend of where theaters are going now,” Miller said. “Other theaters are starting to put the recliners in and it’s more comfortable for the customers. And people want to order their tickets from their phones online. They don’t want to wait in line.”

“It’s just enhancing their experience. Instead of going to the theater just for the movie, they can get their dinner there and have your drink. That’s what the customers are asking for.”

All eight auditoriums will have Lay-Z-Boy recliners, and two of them will serve as two luxury theaters, which will host Blue Springs 8’s large, optimized screens from Harkness Authorized Auditoriums, a 7.1 Dolby sound system and will have stadium-style seating.

“It’s the newest style Harkness optimized screen,” Miller said. “It will be the first in our area and the largest so far in the U.S. We will have two of them. They will have vivid colors, and the brightness will be better. … And we’ll have a top-of-the-line sound system. There will be all kinds of different lighting in there on the speakers for a cinema effect. Our goal is to redo (all of the auditoriums).”

The bar connected to the concession stand will offer beer on tap, wine, spirits and mixed drinks. Some of the mixed drinks will coincide with certain movies that are playing like the “Mission Impossible” drink or a red, white and blue Bomb Pop drink for a Captain America movie.

Miller is looking at adding some new hot foods and adding a fryer. Other future additions may include two auditoriums to the current vacant space to the west side of the theater.

“We would change the name if that happens,” Miller said. “We’re your family, hometown theater. We are doing this for the community.”