An 19-year-old Independence man has been charged after shooting another man to death following a confrontation outside a convenience store on 23rd Street in Independence.

Jackson County prosecutors today charged Marc A. Barron with second-degree murder and armed criminal action for allegedly shooting 24-year-old Cahoone Littlejohn of Independence.

The shooting happened shortly before 2 p.m. Saturday, initially at the FavTrip convenience store at 10507 E. 23rd Street, according to court documents. Littlejohn collapsed and was pronounced dead in the parking lot of A&M Cleaners next door to FavTrip, as he had tried to run away after Barron started shooting at him, prosecutors say.

Officers found Littlejohn had been shot at least at three times – in the upper left shoulder, lower right chest and lower back. Investigators found 13 shell casings matching Barron's handgun, which he voluntarily left inside FavTrip.

Littlejohn's girlfriend told police he had almost hit Barron with his vehicle in the FavTrip parking lot and after Barron left the store the two men got into an argument and started throwing punches. She said Barron then pulled out a handgun, Littlejohn said “Whoa” and tripped while taking a step backward and that's when she heard several shots. The woman said she then confronted Barron, who pointed the gun at her, and she said “Please don't kill me,” before Barron ran into the FavTrip.

According court documents, FavTrip's surveillance cameras showed Littlejohn backing his vehicle up as Barron walked into the store and Barron put his hand on the rear of the vehicle. Littlejohn then went to the vacuum area on the edge of the parking lot, and Barron made his purchases and walked toward his vehicle at the gas pumps.

Littlejohn apparently said something to cause Barron to walk toward him, and they soon confronted each other and Littlejohn punched Barron. Barron stumbled back, pulled out the handgun from his waistband and fired as Littlejohn was running away. He followed Littlejohn around the vehicle and continued to fire before Littlejohn collapsed in the A&M parking lot.

Barron then ran into the FavTrip store, surrendered his gun on the counter, used his cell phone to call his girlfriend about the shooting and then waited for police.

Barron told investigators he shot Littlejohn in self-defense. He said Littlejohn had said something as he left the store but he couldn't hear. When he walked toward Littlejohn, the victim told him to never touch his vehicle again and then said something about knocking or putting him “out” before punching him. Barron said the punch knocked out a tooth, and he shot Littlejohn in fear for his safety. He wasn't sure how many shots he fired, he said, but he continued shooting because he was afraid Littlejohn would retrieve a weapon.

Prosecutors requested a $500,000 bond on Barron.