A week after Garland Land was re-appointed to Independence's Public Utilities Advisory Board, the appointment stands after Monday's motion to rescind was postponed indefinitely by unanimous vote.

Land's appointment to another three-year term had been part of the consent agenda approved last week, and rescinding it would have created a vacancy on one of the city's charter boards. Council Member Mike Huff had pulled the appointment of Joseph Zsak for separate consideration, saying he was nominating Zsak to replace Land, but that followed the consent agenda approval.

However, Patricia Schumacher's term also was expiring and she informed the city she did not seek reappointment. The council subsequently approved Szak, retired from Independence Power & Light as the overhead line superintendent, to fill that vacancy.

Larry Porter, a former meter reader and then field supervisor for the city who retired in 2004, had been appointed last month to replace Blair Wildermuth following his resignation by virtue of missed meetings.

Other board members include Jerry Adkins, Jack Looney (chairperson), Mark McDonald and Randy Vest (vice chair).

Council Members Scott Roberson, who made the initial motion to suspend Land's rescinded appointment, and Karen DeLuccie praised Land's engaged service and character, and Looney called him a “unique” individual.

“By unique, I mean he's committed and passionate about controlling costs for the underprivileged,” Looney said. “He's a worthwhile board member.”

Council Member Curt Dougherty, who had requested the motion to rescind Land's appointment, said it was more an indictment of an advisory group that he believes has been critical of the council.

“It's not about Garland Land; that whole board has failed us,” Dougherty said, speaking after Looney. The board, he said, hasn't shown leadership in advising with rates deemed by many as too high and how to deal with management issues spelled out in an audit last year.