Oh I’m going out on a very long, thin, shaky limb here, a fact that no doubt my darling Sir will berate me for … but, forever intrepid, here I go.

Are we all getting just a tiny bit tired of the Me Me Me Movement? I don’t necessarily mean the Me Too one, but the one that is gaining pretty terrifying momentum and seems set on a collision course with eminent disaster.

I don’t like you, you’re a policeman, so I won’t serve you at my restaurant. I hate you, Republican, so I will evict you from mine. You’re gay, so I won’t make you a wedding cake. I don’t agree with your lifestyle so I won’t fill your prescriptions.

You’re white, black, pink, purple with yellow polka dots, male, female, trans, bi- – I don’t like any of you so I will throw a tantrum of which any self-respecting 2-year old would be in awe. I’m a gun-totin’ redneck, and anyone who ain’t white ain’t fit to walk this earth.

I’d like to whisper in your shell-like ears just one word: Hitler.

Remember him, the dude with the silly mustache and the bad haircut? Back in the ‘30s and ‘40s last century he had the same sort of mentality. If you weren’t blond, blue-eyed and a Christian – well, you were less than the dirt beneath his jack-boots, in his opinion. It didn’t work out well for him – not to mention his innocent victims – now did it?

And think back to the early days of the U.S. If you had a wee bit of a brogue and had the propensity to wear green, you were pretty much an anathema to the East Coasters of the time – the Irish need not apply.

Speaking of the Irish – and the Scots – the English did dreadful things to these two races. In many Arab countries, being a woman is an invitation to being thought of as at best a second-class citizen. The slave trade here in the U.S.; the persecution of non-Christians during the Crusades; the persecution of Christians by others. You name it, someone has been hugely put upon by other more vociferous types who “didn’t like them.”

Thankfully, in most cases the downtrodden have prevailed.

But what I’m seeing here in America of late brings to mind the quote: “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.”

So – back out on my limb. Please don’t hate me because I have an opinion that might differ from yours. Please don’t shun me because I have gray hair. Don’t be antagonistic to me because you had a bit of a run in with a randy kangaroo. Don’t automatically despise me because, being Australian, I must therefore have filthy convicts in my past. (I don’t, but let’s not spoil a story for the facts.)

But by all means dislike me because I’ve done wrong to you. That’s a one-on-one scenario people, and not one where you decide that if it is gray haired, Australian, and female, then all gray haired, Australian females must be the same.

I think just a tiny bit of growing up is called for, don’t you?

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at anniedearkc@hotmail.com.